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April in the Garden

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Garden Landscaping Melbourne
Camellia Japonica Brushfields Yellow

Camellias are attractive landscape plants with their lovely warm green glossy leaves. And their large autumn flowers, from white, lemon, pink through to reds are a beautiful bonus. Camellias become are quite tough once fully established, making them useful for garden landscaping Melbourne. Camellias are ideal as a feature in your garden, or to provide privacy. Camellia sasanqua with their smaller leaves, and somewhat arching habit, can be espaliered in narrow garden beds. They cope with a reasonable amount of sun. Camellia japonica and some of the hybrids will brighten up a shady area and are best hedged to hide a fence along a side path.

“April in your Garden”, our recent publication in the Wombat Post will provide some useful ideas. Happy gardening while there is still some warmth in the soil.



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