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Beddison Garden Designs

Northcote Australian
Native Garden

Northcote Australian Native Garden

The brief was to create a simple native front garden which would attract plenty of birds, provide some privacy and become a relaxing space. Tuscan toppings were used for the driveway and curved paths. The homeowner enjoys a wide range of Australian plants including Western Australia species. Plant selection included Eucalyptus caesia ’Silver Princess’, Banksia spinulosa ’Coastal Cushion’, Correa albaCorrea baeuerleniiWestringia longifoliaAnigozanthos sp., Dianella sp., Goodenia ovata prostrate, Brachyscome sp. and Grevillea leptobotrys.

The challenge in Northcote is the sticky clay which drains poorly. In areas such as those along the Merri Creek, a decision needs to be made as to how much work you can afford to put into soil improvement. If the answer is not much, then native plant choices need to be limited to indigenous plants and those that can tolerate wet feet such as Callistemon. Whilst soil improvement was carried out on this site, a couple of the plants were lost.

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