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Beddison Garden Designs

Brunswick Australian
Native Garden

Brunswick Australian Native Garden

I was asked to design an Australian native garden. An important aspect of the client brief was for the driveway and all paths to be solid to avoid any stones entering the house. We agreed on concrete exposed aggregate as better aesthetically than concrete and more cost effective than paving. Timber side fences provide privacy and break up the paths.

Some of the plants selected were a feature tree Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp. Pruinosa dwarf, Persoonia pinifolia, Westringia fruticosa ’Morning Light’, Anigozanthos sp., Hibbertia empetrifolia, Brachyscome ‘Pacific Reef’, Lomandra ’Lime Tuft’, Banksia serrata ‘Pygmy Possum’ and Pandorea pandorana ’Ruby Belle’.

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