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Spring into Gardening: Revitalise your Garden

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Rhododendron 'Pink Pearl'


Rhododendron ‘Pink Pearl’

“Spring into Gardening” is our September article in the Wombat Post publication.

Spring is my favourite season as it offers us a sense of better times ahead. Spring offers the ‘wow factor’ in the garden and, more importantly, provides renewal. As the soil warms, delicate juvenile leaves unfurl on deciduous trees and shrubs, and herbaceous perennials erupt from the soil. Bulbs brighten our spirits and fill the air with their scent. The garden comes alive as insects and birds become more active.

This means it is time to feed plants, set up plants to cope with the drier months ahead, and keep an eye out for diseases and insects, such as aphids which will spoil the display.

Read our Spring into Gardening article for these fabulous ideas to revitalise your garden. Our Garden Design Ideas and landscaping will be back in Summer.

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Spring into Gardening: Garden Design Ideas

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